Plumbers who care

Are your pipes clogged? Do your old, brittle water lines need to be replaced? Then call Carolina Pipe Pros. We provide all of the plumbing services you need in Columbia, SC, and you can trust our hard work and dedication to success.

Our plumber service is known throughout the area for being thorough and fair. We never overcharge our clients or cut corners. Rather, we are at your behest and are often available as much as two hours in advance of your set appointment should this time be convenient for you.

For solid, personable plumbing services, call us at 803-626-4400. We’ll discuss how we can best help you and then schedule an appointment.

We Love Our Job

Not everyone is meant to be a plumber, but we’re certain we are. There is nothing we like better than to help customers with their problems, which means that we are always enthusiastic about our plumbing services. We will arrive at your home with a kind and respectful attitude towards your time and wishes.

Before we begin any plumber services, we will first make a detailed assessment of the situation and the options available. This attention ensures that you receive truly the best plumbing service or repair for your needs, and not a hurried or rushed fix. Our work is reliable and lasts because we treat not just the symptoms of a plumbing problem, but its cause as well.

For any job, you’ll pay a fair and competitive price for our work, and should you have any questions or concerns, we will happily provide you with the answers you seek. Even though plumbing services themselves aren’t often necessary under the most ideal circumstances, we want to give you the best experience possible.

Our Phones Are Waiting

Call us today and schedule our plumbing service. Carolina Pipe Pros serves the entire Columbia, SC, area, and we want to work for your betterment.